What you should be carrying in your car that would be really useful when things go wrong

What should you be carrying in your car that would be really useful when things go wrong? We can’t always prevent breakdowns or accidents, but we can be prepared by having these things on hand:


Make sure that you have your licence, registration, insurance papers, car manual and roadside assistance information on hand.


A hands free kit for your phone – or pull over.


A multi-tool for those times when you need a screwdriver, a pair of pliers of a pair of scissors.


A first-aid kit will help you to deal effectively with any minor injuries or accidents.


LED flares and reflective triangles will help during a breakdown at night, when it is vitally important for other motorists to be able to see you.


A torch and spare batteries will help you to see things at night – don’t rely only on your phone.


Keep a travel map of Australia in your car, for those times when technology fails you.


Food and water – things like nuts, muesli bars, jerky and dried fruit will travel well and will last for a while.


Always keep a spare phone charger and power bank in your car – and even a spare basic phone fully charged, would be a great backup should your primary phone fail.


Do all of the regular drivers of your car know how to change a tyre? If not – they need to learn. Obviously, a spare tyre, in good condition and inflated to the correct tyre pressure is an essential to carry in your car, together with a tyre changing kit. Tyre inflators and sealers are also useful should you get a puncture.


Jumper cables can get you going again if you experience a flat battery.


Coolant and water – if you are going on a long journey and your car overheats, you will be glad that you packed these.


Put an umbrella in your car, to make sure that you are covered for those unexpected rainstorms.


A set of spare clothes can be useful, in addition to a jacket or jersey in the back of the car.  I always travel with a roll of toilet paper in the glove compartment – useful for all sorts of things apart from the obvious.


A spare towel in your boot is another useful addition – for drying off after getting wet, to helping to mop up any unexpected spills inside the car.


Finally – put some cash in your glove compartment. This will help if you get stranded somewhere that there are no ATMs, or your card stops working or gets lost.