When do you need to change your oil?

What’s the importance of oil in your car? The oil circulating around your engine keeps all of the moving parts lubricated. Lubricant is vital to the longevity of your engine – without proper oil maintenance, you risk creating friction, wear and heat between moving parts and can land up with a very expensive repair bill. Or worse!

Is it necessary to change your engine’s oil? Yes! – with so many components to your engine and a lot of them needing proper lubrication when the engine is running. Over time your engine oil collects contaminants which will result in the oil not being as effective.

Not changing your oil could end up with your engine’s pistons welded to the cylinder wall, causing the engine to seize up.  

But how will you know when or how regularly to change your engine’s oil?

There are many factors that will influence how often you need to check and change your engine’s oil, such as what type of car you are driving, your manufacturers suggestions, how often you drive the car or what type of oil you’ve used before. Because all cars are different, it’s best to check your oil regularly using the oil dipstick, perhaps once a month or every time you fill up with fuel.