Why You Need to Install a Dashcam

Have you ever seen a car accident or been in one - and then struggled to explain to others the exact sequence of events? With so many more drivers on the road, there are many more accidents occurring. If you’re involved in an accident that was not your fault, a dashcam will definitely help your claim.

Who was at fault

What’s better at proving your claim than actual footage? As the not at fault driver, you are entitled to get back on the road with a like for like accident replacement car - with the at fault driver liable for the costs. But the other driver may just dispute the claim. While some accidents, fault is easily determined, however there are cases where fault and liability is tricky to prove. Dashcam footage will help your claim move smoothly through the process. Not at fault? Then contact our team, we’ll help you.

Use it to analyse your driving habits

Dashcam footage can actually have other benefits - such as using it to analyse and review your driving behaviour. Your driving skills, lane-change timing or even your response to high pressure situations are things you can review after-the-fact. Are you giving other drivers enough time to clear intersections or are you giving way to others? Do you keep a calm head if faced with bad driving from others or do you get upset and find yourself speeding? It’s always a good idea to improve your driving skills.

Record on-the-road experiences

Have you seen how others drive? With so many more cars on the road, there are a lot more high pressure situations. On the one hand, recording on the road footage may just help another driver with their insurance claim. On the other hand, a dashcam permanently installed can record some great experiences - such as that long road trip down visiting family and friends.