Accident in your work car? Here’s what you need to do.

Accidents are always inconvenient and upsetting - but imagine getting into a car accident while driving your company car or work vehicle. Things can certainly be more complicated, so we’ve outlined what you should do.

Contact your employer
If you’ve had an accident in a company vehicle, it’s important that you let them know first what has happened. As the company vehicle is probably insured through your company, you will need to provide these insurance and contact details and not your own personal insurance details. 

Gather evidence 
With any accident, it’s important to make a record of what has happened. Evidence is important for the insurance claim, to help explain the car accident after the fact. 

Were you hurt?
Accidents can leave you with physical injury. If you’ve been injured, it’s important to seek help from a Doctor or GP who will assess your injury, prescribe any treatment(s) necessary as well as advise on recovery times. For more information on the steps you should follow, check out this earlier post.

Determining fault and responsibility
As your accident was in your work’s car, the next question that will need to be answered is what were you using the vehicle for at the time of the accident. Were you performing work related tasks, such as transporting goods for your job or driving between sales meetings, or were you driving the car for personal errands. If you were driving around for personal errands, then you may be held responsible and your own insurance provider may need to be involved.

Tell your employer about Carbiz
If the accident was not your fault then you have the right to drive - we will help you get back on the road as quickly as possible with a like for like accident replacement vehicle.