Tips to reduce your fuel bill

Smarter driving can help you to reduce your fuel bill - and whether it’s your own car you are driving or an accident replacement vehicle, a lower fuel bill is always a win!
Here are a few tips to help you

Reduce drag and friction

Anything that causes drag and friction on your car will increase your car’s fuel intake. Roof racks, open windows and underpressured tyres can all potentially impact fuel consumption. 


Reducing your car’s weight load can reduce fuel consumption. Take a minute to clear out any heavy items that you’ve been driving around with.

Make incline driving more efficient

Driving up hills can use more fuel than necessary - especially if you are accelerating unnecessarily. Avoid accelerating uphill and rather maintain your speed.

Avoid hard braking

Abruptly braking can leave you stationary before you need to - meaning you will need to accelerate once again to move forward. Higher speeds, hard braking and lack of focus on the road are all part of higher fuel consumption. Rather take things easier on the road and avoid constantly stopping and starting.

Use cruise control at its best

Cruise control can definitely be more fuel-efficient on the open road - not as much in the city. On the open road cruise control eliminates the petrol-draining acceleration and deceleration of manual driving, saving you money.
Are you driving an unfamiliar car? Being in an unfamiliar car can be daunting - especially if you are worried about fuel consumption as well! We’ve put together a list of things that will help you ease into any new car.