Avoid that carpark accident

A small car accident is still a car accident - even those that happen in the grocery store carpark. Don’t get caught unaware with these simple tips on how to avoid carpark accidents.

Slow down

Carparks are filled with pedestrians, shopping carts, reversing cars and everything in between. These hazard filled zones should be treated with care - slow down and ensure that you keep focused on everything around you.

Park a bit further 

Everyone likes to park as close as possible to the entrance - more congested areas of parking are hot zones for minor accidents. The easiest and simplest way to avoid that carpark accident is to park further away and take a couple extra steps to get to the store.

Park between empty bays 

Reduce your chance of dents and dings by parking away from other cars, in parking spots with empty space around them. 

Don’t forget to indicate

By indicating, you are letting other drivers (and pedestrians) around know in which direction you intend going. Simple enough right? Many often forget to use their indicators in carparks due to the slower pace and speed of everyone around but this can be more dangerous than the high speed alternative.

Take note of shopping trolley 

Shopping trolley can leave a nasty dent when you least expect it - especially on windier days. Be sure to keep an eye out for stray carts.