Car safety upgrades to do today

Getting in your car and driving is still one of the most dangerous things that you do each day. Car manufacturers have done a lot in recent years to improve the level of safety in some of the latest models, with features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure technology and collision avoidance systems – but what can you do if you own an older vehicle that doesn’t come with these safety features?

Well, the good news is that there are a number of things that you can do to upgrade the safety level of your vehicle:

Upgrade your tyres. Get some advice on the best possible tyres for your car – tyres that will deal with wet weather conditions as well as dry, and will provide you with the best traction on the road to improve handling of your vehicle.

If your car’s entertainment system is not the most modern, and you need to plug in your smartphone or tablet, you may land up with a mess of wires and a distraction when you try to adjust the controls. Have a look at buying one of the following:

  • A multi-port USB car adaptor, so that you don’t have to unplug and replug while you are driving
  • Retractable USB cables which will reduce the amount of wire hanging about in the front of the car
  • A docking station for your smartphone which will make your phone easier to see and adjust
  • Or the best (but most expensive option) which is to install an aftermarket stereo system that links to your devices wirelessly.

Install a reversing camera – important if your vehicle is one where it’s just not possible to see everything behind you. This could just make the difference between life and death for someone walking, riding or playing behind your car.

Install a blind spot warning system. Sometimes, a standard physical check by turning your head may not be enough – poor lighting and bad weather conditions can mean that you miss something.


Take off that bull bar – its really not necessary in the city and on suburban streets. A vehicle fitted with a bull bar can kill a pedestrian at half the speed of a vehicle without one. If you don’t have reason for a bull bar, replacing it with a standard bumper will make your car safer for pedestrians, other drivers and cyclists.