Distractions While Driving - Avoid That Accident

Driving will almost always come with some form of distraction - it’s unavoidable at times! But it’s all about minimising distractions as much as possible and keeping your focus on the road - and other drivers! By minimising the distractions directly affecting you, you’re more likely to be able to avoid that accident. Simple defensive driving skills or pure luck - first steps first, identifying what distractions are in your car and how to minimise their impact on your driving.

Types of distractions to be aware of

There are 4 different types of distractions to be aware of - not all of them are physical items in your car that take your attention away from the road!

  • Manual distractions. Distractions that have your hands leaving the steering wheel to use.
  • Visual distractions. Distractions on the road that pull your attention away from your journey.
  • Cognitive distractions. Distractions that will have you thinking about something else entirely!
  • Auditory distractions. Distractions where your focus has shifted to listening to something. 

Removing items in your vehicle that can distract you unnecessarily

Removing distractions from your car can help keep your focus on your journey - don’t get caught out and be cornered into an accident. There are so many more cars on the road so it’s important to keep your eyes fixed on what matters. And if you do find yourself in an accident that was not your fault, it’s important that you’re able to remember clearly what happened in the moments of the accident.

Tips to avoid distractions when driving

  • Stop yourself from doing other things, keep your focus on your driving as well as on the other drivers around you.
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel, at all times!
  • Tired? Rather take a break from your journey.
  • Set your destination in your GPS before setting off.
  • Put your phone out of reach.

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