Driving habits to rather avoid

Habits - things you do without really thinking about it. Many driving habits are often just overlooked with no consideration to how they could lead to an accident. Don’t let these simple habits lead to an accident that was your fault.

Giving in to distractions

We all lead busy lives. With so many distractions, we’ve been conditioned to constantly multitask to get things done. This is no different while driving. Listening to music or podcasts, calling up your next appointment or eating your lunch are all dangerous distractions that keep your concentration off of the road. 

Forgetting to check 

Between head checks, mirror checks and blind spot checks, it can all take a lot of time. These simple checks can help you avoid most accidents.


Tailgating, or driving too close to the car in front of you is illegal - and really dangerous. By driving too close to the car in front of you, you aren’t leaving enough space to brake suddenly should you need to. 

Turning to the kids

Have you ever caught yourself needing to quickly check on the kids in the back? Perhaps you’ve even done this while driving. Such a split second decision can lead to dire consequences.
Avoiding these simple driving habits could save you from an accident that is not your fault. Need help after a car accident? Call our team as soon as possible, we’ll help you.