Frequently Asked Questions about Accident Replacement Cars

Perhaps you’ve already had an accident and were not at fault - or maybe you are trying to find out more about accident replacement cars just in case. Not my fault car accidents happen - here’s what you should know!
Are you entitled to an accident replacement car?
Hire cars to keep you on the road after an accident are often a luxury add-on feature to your insurance policy - many people choose not to pay extra for an accident replacement car. However, if you are in an accident and are not at fault, then you could be eligible for the costs to be covered by the at fault driver (or by their insurance).
Who will pay for my hire car after an accident that was not my fault?
The invoice for the costs will be sent to the driver who was determined to be at fault in the car accident - it is important that you provide all of the correct details of the driver who was at fault so that the team at Carbiz is able to assist you with your claim.
What is being done to ensure the safety of clients during the COVID-19 pandemic?
The team at Carbiz has implemented measures to ensure the safety of our clients during this time. Some of the measures we have implemented include a zero touch policy. Allowing us to not only deliver the car to your home, office or repairer but also to deliver your damaged car where necessary. We also ensure that every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery. 
When should I call after an accident?
It’s important to call the team at Carbiz as soon as possible! We’ll help you with everything from ensuring delivery of your damaged vehicle to the repair yard through to assisting you with an accident replacement car. We will help you with your insurance claim all the way until we deliver your newly repaired vehicle back to you!