Learning better safety habits

When you have been driving for years, it’s easy to switch to “auto pilot” and tune out everything around you, and before you know it – you have arrived at your destination. However, it’s not a good idea to fall into bad habits on the road. We have identified a few common bad habits that drivers easily fall into – have a look and see whether you have some negative habits that you need to address.


Before you get into your car, walk around the vehicle and check that all is OK – tyres inflated, lights working, mirrors intact. Inside your car, adjust your seat, steering wheel and mirrors before you set off.


How do you hold the steering wheel? Using one hand to drink coffee, twiddle with the controls on the dashboard, with one hand loosely on the steering wheel is dangerous. If you do hold on with both hands – you are doing well – but there may be room for improvement. Always try to keep your thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel, with your hand at ten and two o-clock, for the best control.


Do you naturally drive fast in wet weather? Even if you know the road like the back of your hand, weather conditions may make it unsafe to travel even at the speed limit. Slippery roads, poor visibility all mean that you should reduce your speed to account for the poor driving conditions. Keep your headlights on in poor weather conditions -this will help to make your vehicle visible to others.


Do you put off filling your vehicle with fuel until it is near empty? It’s just too much bother to make that trip to the filling station – “I’ll do it next time”? It is really not a good idea to let your tank run that low – there could be sediment in the tank that could get into the fuel line and cause blockages, and in addition, you may run out of fuel altogether if your fuel gauge is not accurate. Being stranded and far from help is no joke – especially when it could have been easily prevented with a bit of forward planning.


Make sure that you have a well-equipped emergency kit in your car – and replace any items as they may be used.


Turning the music up to too high a volume can be quite dangerous. You may not be able to hear things happening around you – and with little advance warning you may need to react very quickly.


Don’t use you mobile phone while you are driving – even reading a message on your phone is terribly dangerous as you take your eyes off the road even for a second.


Stay safe on the roads by developing good driving habits!