Minor Damage - Contact Us if You Are Not at Fault

Not all accidents are big ones - in fact, the majority of accidents are only minor with minor damage. Bumper bashings and parking lot smashes can lead to only minor damage but it’s a good idea to still get it seen to. Here’s why:

A major fault could be lurking

Even a seemingly minor accident can cause a major fault that may be invisible to the naked eye. Sometimes internal systems can be damaged - such as your engine’s warning systems, or cracks in the car’ frame can occur. Damage can even happen to your airbag systems making them useless for any future accident. It’s important to take your car into a repair shop to get a once over inspection done and make sure that your car A-OK!

Fault - it matters

Fault is determined by a number of factors - decided on by professionals - and indicates the driver who will be liable for the costs caused by your car accident. Fault is important to determine - and if you were not the driver who caused the car accident then you will be able to submit your insurance claim to recover your costs. If you believe that you were not at fault then be sure to gather the necessary information at the accident scene and exchange details with the at fault driver.

Not my fault - You have the right to drive

If you were not at fault then you have the right to drive. This means that you can put through your insurance claim for the costs associated with the accident - costs to repair your car and costs to hire an accident replacement vehicle are just two of such costs.

We’ll help you

Our team understands that you need help in this situation - from delivering your like-for-like accident replacement vehicle to a location convenient for you through to managing your not-at-fault insurance claim. We’ve simplified the process and try our best to make things easier for you - give us a call as soon as possible after your car accident, we’ll help you.

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