Not sure how to choose the right car for you?

So you are in the market for a new car – but you have no idea where to start? There are so many options, and these can sometimes be overwhelming for the mainstream car buyer.


Perhaps your needs are simple – you need a safe and reliable car that will get your family around town (between sports practices which need sufficient boot space through to family outings that may include taking your family pet along for the ride).


Confused at where to start? Maybe someone has mentioned that a Jeep is your best bet but you aren’t necessarily sure that this is the right car (or brand) for you. With an overloaded choice, there are many considerations. Here are a few key questions to answer before you get too confused.


Step 1 – decide on car manufacturers that you will not go for

Everyone may have a slightly different answer here, but perhaps you know that Ford will not suit your style or you’ve just never liked Mazda and Toyota. Create a list of car manufacturers that are no go’s for your list. This will help your car broker stay on track when selecting cars that will interest you.


Step 2 – What type of vehicle will suit you for the next couple of years?

What is your lifestyle like at the moment? Will this set to change in the next year or two? Perhaps you need an SUV, with more space and seven seats. Maybe it’s a hatchback or sedan that will be more than big enough to quickly zip you through town. Will you need to tow any trailers or caravans? Think about the type of boot space you require as well as where you will be driving (Going off-roading anytime soon?)


Step 3 – What’s your budget?

Let’s get real – what is your total available budget monthly, what type of deposit do you have available. Be clear on your limit and budget, and stay away from test driving cars that you really can’t afford.


Step 4 – Features? Did you say features?

Make a list of non-negotiable features that you want in your car. Then take this list and prioritize the most important to you – your budget may not allow for everything but be clear on what you’d need vs what you’d like or want.


Be sure to have a good conversation with your car broker about all of these things – they will be best to find you your ideal car! Working alongside a car broker can help alleviate traps and dodgy deals as well as give you access to a wider selection of vehicles to choose from.