Random facts you probably didn’t know

We spend so much time in our cars nowadays, from driving to work to carrying out errands, but we bet you don’t know these random facts about cars and driving!

There are over 13 million vehicles on the road in Australia, and the average Australian drives 14 000 Kilometres every year – so 182 billion kilometres are travelled every year in a motor vehicle! This is twenty times more than the distance between Earth and Pluto!

According to the 2017 World Car Awards, the Jaguar F-PACE is the best car on earth – being awarded World Car of the Year as well as World Car Design of the Year.

The largest land vehicle on earth is the Bagger 288 excavator, manufactured by the German company ThyssenKrupp and costing around $100 million.

The cheapest car in the world is the Tata Nano manufactured by Tata Motors in India, costing around 100 000 Indian Rupees, or about AUD 2000.

The first ever person to be killed in a motor vehicle accident was Bridget Driscoll, who stepped off a kerb in London, and was hit by a gas-powered car driven by Arthur Edsall. Edsall was travelling at less than 10 kms/h.

A Nissan Leaf recently set a world record as the fastest car to drive over a measured mile in reverse, when Terry Grant, a stunt driver, averaged about 55 km/h.

In Switzerland, law dictates higher penalties for traffic infringements for those who can afford to pay. Millionaire CEO Richard Anderson picked up a speeding fine of 290 000 Swiss Francs, driving at around 136 km/h per hour in a 80 km/h zone – that equates to about AUD 300 000.

Animal-related car accidents account for about 6% of accidents on Australian roads. Animals that you may encounter are kangaroos, cattle, emus, sheep, cassowaries or camels, deer and crocodiles.

Some strange driving laws that exist around the world:

  • In Alaska, you are prohibited from tethering a dog to the roof of your vehicle
  • In Alabama, it is illegal to drive while wearing a blindfold
  • In Denmark, you are legally obliged to check underneath your vehicle before driving off, in case there is a person underneath your car.


The best selling car in Australia is a ute – the Toyota Hilux. The next best selling is also a ute – the Ford Ranger.