Things to consider when buying an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles or EVs are becoming more and more popular in Australia, and for good reason. Along with the electric highway, Australia has made advancements in EVs – making them a reality for many. Here are some things to consider when choosing your new EV.


o   What is your average daily range each day? If you are driving over 200km everyday, then consider an electric vehicle with a higher range. Range anxiety is something you can overcome by purchasing the right vehicle for you.

At home charging requirements

o   You will need to charge your EV at home. Do you have an undercover parking spot with a charging point? Will you be able to mount a dedicated EV charger near or in your garage or parking spot?

Public charging options

o   Are there available public charging options close to where you live or work? What standards do they use and will these suit the car you are looking at purchasing? Some models only support single-phase charge ports which facilitate slower charging.

Software/hardware/firmware upgrades

o   A benefit to some EVs is the ease at which their firmware and software can be upgraded. Tesla Models, for instance, can be upgraded over-the-air on a regular basis – this is done to improve the driving experience through new settings and bug fixes.