Tips for Success: Insurance Claim after a Car Accident

No two car accidents will be the same - but the trauma of any car accident can be very similar. In mere seconds, your life will change.

Imagine patiently waiting at a red traffic light, not letting Sydney traffic get you down, when all of a sudden - an unexpected BANG, an impact from behind. Whiplash is likely - you take a moment to assess if everyone in your car, and theirs, is ok.

And now you’re left with an accident, not at fault. What should you do

The first thing to do after any car accident is to contact Carbiz on our accident support line - we’ll help you. Currently, our expert team operates in the greater Sydney area. We've also put together an FAQ page answering all of your questions!

If you didn’t get the chance to at the accident scene, then contact us as soon as possible!

Not my fault or Not at fault accidents happen - we will be there to help you from the moment of impact, handling of your insurance claim, organising car hire or an accident replacement vehicle for you and delivery of your car to the repair workshop.

We’ve put together a few tips to make sure your car insurance claim is successful. Our expertise in handling car accident insurance claims will help you get the best deal - not your insurer.

  • Directly following your accident, it's important to remain calm - whether it was your fault or the other drivers' fault.
  • Report the car accident as soon as possible
  • Exchange details with the other drivers involved
  • Collect evidence while on the accident scene

All evidence collected will be used in processing your car accident insurance claim. Evidence of your car accident can include photos of the vehicles involved, details of witnesses as well as any of their statements, details of vehicle ownership, driver histories. Make as many notes as possible

Work with us from the beginning - the Carbiz team can help you with managing your insurance claim, securing car hire in Sydney and getting your car to and from the repair workshop.

Not my fault or Not at fault accidents shouldn’t leave you without a car and unable to continue going about your daily life - did you know that in Sydney you have the right to drive? This means that you could be eligible for car hire or an accident replacement vehicle at no charge to yourself. Contact us to find out more!