What Does It Mean If Your Car Is a Write off after an Accident?

Car accidents can leave considerable damage to your vehicle - and sometimes, you aren’t able to see the full extent of the damage with your naked eye. Have you ever had a car written off in an accident that was not your fault or are you wanting to learn more about what it means to have your car written off? Read on!
After an accident, the insurance assessor will want to assess the level of damage that occurred during the accident - this will help the insurance company to determine what costs are involved. The assessment will need to determine if the car is economically viable to fix - is it worth the cost of repairing the vehicle or is it better to write the car off? This is determined by taking the cost of repair and comparing it to the market value of the car.

There are two write off classifications

Statutory write off is where the car is so badly damaged that no repair work will be able to get the car back to a safe standard.
Repairable write off means that while it is possible to repair all of the damage, the cost of the work will be more than the value of the car itself - making it uneconomical to fix.
Even as the not at fault driver, there may be implications if your car is written off - our team will help you navigate this situation so that you get the best outcome possible.
It is possible to dispute a repairable write-off, but this can be a tricky situation. You will only have a limited time to file a dispute and a few things will be needed, including

  • Quotes from panel beaters or repair workshops with full details of costs
  • Evidence of your car’s market value
  • Quotes from salvage yards that reflect the salvage value of your vehicle

In NSW it’s important to remember that cars that have been written off due to a car accident cannot be re-registered. 

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