What should you do when you hear an emergency vehicle approaching?

Emergency vehicles are often first responders to accident scenes - those sent to help when others are in need. Flashing lights and sirens can indicate that they are on their way to a new accident scene - and as such they need to get there as quickly as possible.
Being constantly vigilant and observant while driving is incredibly important - and the responsibility to help emergency vehicles get to their accident scene as quickly as possible is on us. 
Hearing sirens and seeing flashing lights in the rear view mirror can really frighten some, however, it’s important to remain calm and give way as quickly as safely possible. This often means moving left so that they can overtake on your right hand side. However, if you are not confident in moving left - or it’s unsafe to do so, it’s recommended that you slow down and come to a safe stop so that the emergency vehicle can overtake you safely when the opportunity presents itself. Remember - it’s never a good idea to speed up for the emergency vehicle or to block their way. Impeding or intentionally blocking emergency vehicles can land you with a fine.
While you must allow emergency vehicles to pass, you need to ensure that this is done safely and you should not break the law in order to let an emergency vehicle pass. No speeding or running of red lights is permitted as this increases the chances of an accident.
Emergency vehicles include ambulances, police cars and fire trucks - these are all services that can be reached by dialling 000. Tow trucks and repair vehicles are not considered to be emergency services.
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