What to do after a hit and run

Car accidents are never fun - especially if you are not at fault. And what’s worse than the other driver not stopping to exchange details? All drivers are obliged to stop after any type of car accident and exchange details - but this doesn’t always happen.
So what is a hit and run accident?
A hit and run accident can be as simple as coming back to your car after a shopping trip and finding a scratch down your bumper, with no note left - or as scary as those stories we hear of pedestrians being hit by a car and left for dead as the driver flees the scene. 
A hit and run accident refers to any motor vehicle collision or accident where one of the drivers leaves the scene without exchanging details or checking to see if everyone involved is ok. It happens - and it generally happens when the fleeing driver is scared of any potential financial or legal consequences. 
If the hit and run is your fault
If you collide with another car and flee from the scene, you won’t be able to claim from your insurance. By driving away, you have committed a crime and your insurance won’t cover any claim you put forward.
If your car is damaged and the other driver flees the scene
If you are the victim of a hit and run, and you have comprehensive car insurance then you will more than likely be covered. Your own comprehensive car insurance may cover damages to your car from a wide range of sources, including other drivers and car accidents. 
If however you are found to be at fault, then you may need to pay an excess to make your claim. In order to be found “not at fault” you will need to provide evidence as well as details of the other driver - which is tricky in a hit and run situation. This is where things can become frustrating. There are a few ways that you can identify the other driver, including asking witnesses if they saw anything or finding CCTV footage of the area where your accident occurred. If you saw the other driver’s car make, model and registration, then you can pass this information onto the police and file a report.
Perhaps you are unlucky in finding or identifying the other driver and decide against making a claim for the damages, but you still need to let your insurance know about the accident. Here are the options you can follow if you can’t find the other driver

  • Pay for the repairs yourself, or
  • Make a claim on your comprehensive car insurance and pay any applicable excess. This option could also result in your premiums being increased.

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