When it’s more than one drivers fault

Car accidents can be complicated - sometimes it’s more than one driver who is at fault for the accident. What happens in this situation?
There is one driver who is at fault - and it was not you
In this case it’s generally a simple open and close case - the driver at fault will be liable for the costs associated with the accident, such as the cost of damage repair, cost of accident replacement car hire and cost of towing.

What happens if you are partly at fault?
Sometimes, more than one driver is at fault. This can happen, for instance, if you and another driver hit each other while simultaneously changing lanes. Depending on the exact circumstance and the evidence that you are able to provide, it may be proven that you are both deemed negligent. Determining the extent of ‘contributory negligence’ is subjective and dependent on the evidence - this is where the experts in this field can help you. Depending on how your negotiation goes, you will be liable for a percentage-of-fault split that is mutually agreed upon. All costs are then proportionately split between you and the other driver.

How to handle an accident that was not your fault?
As inconvenient as accidents are, you are in good hands with the team at Carbiz. As the driver who is not at fault, we’ll help you. It’s best to call us as soon as possible on our dedicated accident support line - we’ll be able to help you on the scene as well as organise towing of your damaged vehicle to the repair shop. We will even meet you there with your like for like accident replacement vehicle - yes it is that simple! If you aren’t at fault, then you shouldn't be left out of pocket or inconvenienced.

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