Carbiz Statement on War in Ukraine

In the past century, few nations have suffered more than the people of Ukraine. During the Second World War, the country, including its capital, were ravaged by the forces of Nazism. 2,000 mass graves of Ukrainian Jews remain throughout the country as evidence of a barbaric and shameful past.

Aside from the devastation caused by invasion, we remember the millions of Ukrainians who died in the famine imposed on Ukraine in the 1930s through the Stalinist policies directed against the peasantry from the Kremlin. This is one of the great crimes of modern history and is so often forgotten.

With this bloody history in mind, today we watch with anguish and despair as the people of Ukraine are invaded once more. Once again, we see needless suffering from policies directed from Moscow. Ukraine is facing loss of life, the prospect of loss of land, and loss of freedom.

Ukraine is a sovereign state and its people have the absolute right to determine whether their future lies in closer ties with Europe and the US or with Russia. The Russian Federation has sought to justify the military conquest of another state’s territory on the basis that they are protecting inhabitants of the same ethnicity allegedly suffering persecution. The use of this narrative as a pretext for invasion has a dark and sinister history.

It is difficult to comprehend how such acts could even be contemplated by the Russian Federation, which has itself suffered so greatly and sacrificed so immensely in the struggle against foreign invaders. Russia's history is of finishing wars not beginning them, protecting their land and their people against the tyrannical aspirations of would-be conquerors. This is a glorious history of which the Russian people are justifiably proud. Yet today, Russia is the aggressor and its actions violate the most basic norms of international law and breach international peace and security.

We also watch with admiration as Ukraine’s president, Volodymr Zelensky demonstrates the very best of Ukraine and of leadership. His refusal to allow his nation to be consumed by a great military power, his refusal to evacuate himself and his family despite credible reports of assassination plots, his willingness to place himself on the frontlines to bolster the moral of his forces and his people, are truly inspiring. President Zelensky’s Jewish background show the new tolerance and diversity of Ukraine and its reconciliation with a troubled and complex past. President Zelensky has been lauded as the new leader of the free world, and he inspires us all to stand tall in the face of overwhelming force, to remain close to one’s people, to be guided by principle and integrity, and to fight with courage.

We hope that this war comes to an immediate and lasting end. We hope that a ceasefire can take effect to protect civilian life and infrastructure. And we hope that fruitful negotiations are commenced and successfully completed. We deplore the bloodshed and suffering needlessly imposed on the Ukrainian people. And we extend our solidarity to Ukraine and its people throughout the world during this most difficult time.

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Toyota Kluger Hybrid

So you've got a partner, a dog, two point five kids, a good job, solar panels on the roof, and need a reliable modern car. Without any fault of your own, your pride and joy big SUV has just been centre-punched by some red light runner.

So what comes next? You have a choice of rental car, to be paid for by the at fault drivers insurance provider. Obviously something in the same class. What do you choose? Something like a seven seat Toyota Kluger? Save the day the Carbiz way!

The Toyota Kluger hybrid? Lets have a look at it. First off, its a very utilitarian efficient vehicle, that does not stand out. But you know it has the legendary Toyota reliability and toughness. You are not trying to impress the neighbours, you just want comfortable reliable transport that is non-polluting, quiet and comfortable, and has all the electronic bells and whistles that will keep the kids amused.

The Kluger sits midway between the smaller Toyota cars, and the very popular rugged Land Cruiser models. It is notably quiet to drive, and just feels so smooth and easy to drive. You sit higher than in a regular small car, which is very nice in heavy traffic conditions.

Much of the time in traffic it will be running on its electric motor, but you have no worries about range as in an all-electric car. The Toyota's hi-tech 2.5 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine will kick in as required, either to supply extra power when needed, or to charge the battery in continuous slow traffic. The absolute best of both. You are not trying to make a statement, as in buying a pure electric which might run short of power just when the kids need to be somewhere, like half an hour ago.

Safety is top class, with seven airbags, and an array of semi-autonomous safety functions that virtually take control of the car if it detects an object like a cyclist, or strays from its lane. With its detection systems, it almost has a spatial aura all around it that enables it to escape if that space is violated.

Plenty of cargo space for junk, rides well, not at all harsh, ticks all the boxes really. Resale value is not an issue. Perfect!

And if after a taste you decide that an outback holiday adventure sounds like a good idea, you're ready. I know of people who have driven their Kluger to Birdsville on a camping trip. It rode the stoney roads very well, allowed zero ingress of dust, and came home ready to do it again. While the Land Cruisers might be the true outback tool for the Simpson Desert, the Kluger is extremely capable of handling the outback's formed roads without feeling that it is being stretched or tested. But check the contract fine print before heading off!

And once home you CAN impress the neighbours by leaving it dust covered for a few days. It is almost de rigueur for a Kluger to flag that it has been to the outback.

Carbiz is leading the industry with an ever-growing fleet of green vehicles both Hybrid and Electric. Being not at fault in a car accident means you are entitled for a replacement car just like yours at no cost to you.

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Tesla Model 3

The Tesla brand name has become synonymous with electric cars. Every new electric car that is announced by any of the big brand names, like Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche and Volvo, - is compared to the Tesla. So the company has a clear lead that it is determined to keep. Recent reports from California, - which is the home of American electric cars, - confirm a sales surge for Tesla. Tesla's one asset that its electric competitors don't have, is its eccentric billionaire creator, Elon Musk. So Tesla is always guaranteed attention-grabbing publicity. Musk is to Tesla as Bill Gates is to Microsoft.

The Model 3 might be considered the basic entry version. It is certainly the most popular. It is also the smallest by a whisker in dimensions. It is really a two seater sports car that can carry two passengers in the somewhat cramped rear quarters, and can be optioned with most of the bells and whistles that its bigger brothers have.

There is an incredible array of options available. The basic Model 3 is rear wheel drive, but there is an option for all wheel drive. Tesla uses a unique design electric motor, and torque is digitally directed to the front and rear axles with the object of the best stability and traction control in the AWD model.

Performance is dramatic, with an 0-100km run time of as low 3.3 seconds for the hi-performance AWD version. Range varies greatly, depending on terrain and driving style. WLTP rates the Model 3 a maximum range of 570 kilometres the Long Range Model 3. Real world range whilst is a bit lower, a charging point is on every corner.

Safety is of a high standard. Its aluminium and steel structure has passed all accepted formal tests with five start ratings.

So how does it go on the road? The model 3 acquits itself very well. Obviously its rocket-like acceleration is its forte, but for all that the Model 3 is probably the best all round Tesla choice. And it is the only Tesla model to feature track mode. Which is pretty much what it suggests. The dynamic computer systems assess what the driver is asking, and direct torque to (or brake) the wheels that will most assist in achieving the best cornering angle and times. The computers also change the regenerative braking system to maximum resistance and charge, something that is likely to be uncomfortable in the highway mode. It also has cameras to record your lap activity including a G meter to measure cornering force.

The Tesla Model 3 really is in a different league. You can see its camera images on your phone, and control its movements. In the USA it can warn pedestrians in a robotic voice, who stray too close. New features like these are released in the US first and filter throughout the world.

Sales in Australia of the Tesla Model 3 sales have been increasing dramatically, with an estimated 5000+ sold during the first six months of 2021. Which was up 170% from the previous period.

While the much more expensive upmarket Teslas catch the imagination, a recent price drop makes the Model 3 a very attractive choice when compared with its less powerful but more expensive rivals.

The Tesla model 3 is the middle-of-the-road affordable, cutting edge technology, car of the future. Here now. But for those of us who have enthusiasm for old technology classic cars, it might be a bridge too far. It is totally impossible to argue with the Tesla's practicality, efficiency, and fulfilling of a market need.

Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles has the largest fleet of replacement Tesla’s in Australia and growing quickly. If you are not at fault in a car accident in your Tesla make sure you ask for a Carbiz Tesla replacement.

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5 things to not do after a car accident

There are a couple of things you should never ever do after a car accident - even if you were not at fault.

  1. Leave your car on the road

    If you’re unable to drive your car - due to injury or due to damage - then it’s best to put up a triangle to warn other drivers as well as to put on your hazards. However, it’s important to not leave your car on the road if you are able to move out of the way of other cars.

  2. Flee the scene

    No matter how big the accident is, you are legally obligated to stay at the scene and exchange details. It's illegal to flee the scene and you will face charges. You need to share your registration details, insurance details and contact information - even for the minor accidents that happen in shop parking areas.

  3. Interfere with the accident scene

    Accidents that result in serious injury or death become crime scenes - tampering or moving anything around the accident scene is illegal. Removing debris or moving anything around is considered as tampering with crime scene evidence.

  4. Become aggressive

    Accidents are stressful situations - and emotions often run high. However, it's incredibly important to control your emotions and refrain from becoming aggressive and angry. Aggression and anger is not helpful after an accident - and any intimidation or aggression could land you up with an assault charge.

  5. What to do if you are not at fault

    If you find yourself in a car accident where the other driver is at fault, it's important to remain calm. Our team is available at any time through our dedicated accident support line. If you’re not at fault, you have the right to drive. Give us a call, we’ll help you.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you 

1300 889 256

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Internal Injuries - Dangers of Car Accidents

Injuries from car accidents can sometimes be unseen - internal injuries can be more dangerous because they won’t be immediately obvious. Internal injuries can happen in a split second - from impact with the steering wheel or even the airbag deploying. Internal injuries and internal bleeding can be life threatening - here’s what you need to know.

Types of internal injuries

The most common internal injuries include

  • Organ damage (damage to the kidney or liver)
  • Broken ribs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Brain bleeding
  • Punctured lungs

The severity of the internal injury can vary depending on the impact of your car accident.

Symptoms to look out for

If you’re at an accident scene and are concerned by your own or someone else’s injuries, then it’s important to call for medical assistance - dial 000 as soon as you can. Here are a common symptoms to look out for 

  • Pain. Impact from a car accident can cause internal injuries that you won’t be able to see. If anyone is experiencing any pain or tenderness, they should be seen by a medical practitioner.
  • Nausea. It's common for people with internal injuries to experience dizziness or nausea. Vomiting, especially if blood is seen, is a serious cause for concern.
  • Bruising
  • Feeling cold

Identification and treatment

Internal injuries can turn life threatening in seconds. If there is any concern of internal injuries, then it’s imperative to be taken to hospital as quickly as possible to diagnose. Internal injuries and internal bleeding can only be diagnosed by X-rays, CTs or careful examination by a medical professional.

Car accidents can happen in mere moments - what to do if you’re not at fault

If it’s not your fault then you shouldn’t be left inconvenienced. We’ll help you. Give our team a call as soon as possible on our dedicated accident support line.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you 

1300 889 256

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Your Complete Checklist to Picking Up Your Newly Repaired Vehicle

If your car needed to be repaired following a car accident then you’re not alone! Many people have to get their cars fixed after an accident - even when the accident was not their fault. So if you weren't able to drive your car at all or if you took it in for a thorough inspection following the accident, here are some crucial checks to make before driving off.

Check your airbag lights

Airbags can save your life in the event of an accident - but they also need to be replaced after an accident to ensure that they will work again on impact. Be sure to double check that no airbag lights are going off as this could indicate that something isn't quite right and should be addressed before driving off.

Ask about the torque

Any replacement of suspension parts should be torqued according to your car's manufacturer specifications. Improper assembly can lead to poor handling and performance - and can be very dangerous. Ask your repair workshop about what procedure was followed and what torque specifications were used.

Spare parts

Many repair shops use aftermarket or even used parts to repair damaged vehicles as a way to save money. Ask for more information about what parts were used in repairing your vehicle and if you are seeking original manufacturer parts then be sure to speak up before proceeding with the repair.


Car accidents can often mess with the alignment of a car. This can affect driving - where the car pulls to one side or the other, or can result in tyres worn unevenly. It’s important to ask if the alignment was checked and if there was any damage to the frame of your vehicle.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you

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Not at Fault? Don’t Panic! We’ll Help You

Getting caught in an accident can happen at any time - it’s the risk you take every time you head off on a car ride. Did you know that if you’re not at fault, then you have the right to drive - most people don’t know this fact and it can leave you out of pocket following an accident that you had no fault in causing. Knowing what to do and who to call immediately following an accident can really help in the moment - here are a couple of things to remember should you find yourself in an accident. 

Take a moment to breathe

Any car accident can take you off guard. It’s important to take a quick moment immediately following the accident to breathe and regain your composure. Accidents can have different effects on different people - some can get really scared and want to flee or avoid confrontation, while others can get really aggressive and angry. All are normal responses to stress, however, it's important to realise that in the moment it’s best to stay as calm as possible and deal with the situation at hand.

Check if anyone needs urgent medical attention

Before getting out of your vehicle, be sure to check on yourself and your passengers to see if anyone needs urgent medical assistance. If anyone at the accident scene is in need to help, it's important to call 000.

Gather evidence

Once you know that everyone is either fine - or taken care of - the next step is to start gathering the details of the drivers involved as well as any evidence of the car accident. We’ve shared a full list of things you need to consider collecting while at the accident scene here but things you should consider include finding witnesses, collecting dashcam footage and taking pictures of the vehicles involved.

Call Carbiz

Our team is just a call away - you can call us anytime on our dedicated accident support line and we’ll help you.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you

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What to Do in the Days after Your Car Accident

Car accidents can be stressful not only right away, but also in the days - and possibly even weeks - following. We’ve covered what you should do in the moments immediately following your car accident, but have you considered what you should be doing in the days after? If you’ve been involved in a car accident that was not your fault then read on!

File your insurance claim - not at fault

If you’re working with Carbiz, we’ll do this on your behalf with the right people. This needs to be done in the days following your accident and you will need to provide all the details of the other driver, who was at fault, to the team. You will also need to provide an accurate account of what happened in the car accident as well as the appropriate evidence. This will help your case and ensure a successful claim. While your vehicle is in the shop getting fixed, our team will also assist in getting you back on the road in a like for like accident replacement vehicle. After all, in Australia, if you weren’t at fault then you have the right to drive - this means that the driver who was at fault is liable for the costs associated with the accident (we’ve written more about how this works in other posts!).

Process the event

It’s important to properly process the car accident and how you may be feeling afterwards. Some people experience stress and anxiety following a car accident, others struggle to confidently drive around town. What you’re feeling is normal and if you need help to process the traumatic event then you should reach out to the professionals for assistance.

Enjoy your accident replacement vehicle

We know you’ve got life to get back to - and this is easy when you’re driving around town in your like for like accident replacement loan vehicle.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you

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